Barre Above®: Classic w/ Pilates Focus
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Saturday, Jun 17, 2023

Known as the trainer’s trainer, CarolAnn, has become one of the country's leading fitness educators, authors, and national presenters. Combining a Master’s degree in Exercise Science/Health Promotion with several fitness certifications/memberships, she has been actively involved in the fitness industry for over 3 decades presenting at FiTOUR, NASM OPTIMA, CanFit Pro, Club Industry, MedFit Network Tour, and SCW Manias. As one of the leading experts, she has served on several health advisory boards, performed as a wellness fitness director, owned her own private studio, and operated several gyms. She moved her programming online as the creator and star of The Steel Physique Fitness on Demand series (www.CarolAnn.Fitness). She authored the book Chiseled Faith: Your Motivational and Survival Bible to Achieving Your Greatest Health & Fitness Potential, a plug-n-play faith-based health and fitness program for church communities. She is currently the Lead Instructor and Master Trainer at Club Pilates Athens, GA as well as a Program Specialist for Barre Above. As a consultant and contributor, she develops health & fitness educational content for various companies and organizations such as IDEA, Personal Fitness Professional (PFP), FiTOUR, MedFit Network, PT Global,, and She had been named National Fitness Hall of Fame Fitness Superstar for 2019-2021 and is currently a Pro-to-Know. CarolAnn is dedicated to helping other health/fitness professionals and business owners develop, grow, and thrive in their dreams and endeavors.


Club Pilates - Athens, GA

290 Alps Rd.
Athens GA 30606
United States

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Camden Elder
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1:00 PM - 9:00 PM


Admittance to 8-Hour live In-Person Barre specialty Certification for professionals that blends barre and Pilates training principles. Barre Above® with Pilates Focus concentrates on a functional approach to vertical Pilates & Barre training that simulates Pilates Apparatus.

You'll receive everything you need to begin teaching classes the very next day.

You’ll Discover
  • The magic behind why Barre and Pilates disciplines are such a perfect combination, and how they share similar concepts and principles.
  • The innovation of using Barre and Pilates equipment together to create a totally dynamic and effective functional class.
  • The techniques teachers of excellence use to help first-timers feel successful, while challenging seasoned participants in the same class.
  • The 2 Must-know techniques for creating effective progressions and regressions for any barre exercise.
  • The power of Convergent Strength Training, a unique methodology used in Barre Above® that maximizes muscle fatigue, and how to apply it in a vertical format for a Pilates audience.
  • The importance of vertical alignment, core stability, and Pilates principles as they relate to teaching a Barre and Pilates focused class.
  • The application of Planes of Motion as they relate to exercise selection and functional kinesiology.
  • The application of Physiology as it relates to breath and movement.
You Learn How To
  • Create and teach Barre classes for a Pilates audience and for all types of fitness levels.
  • Easily exchange a Barre exercise for a similar Pilates equipment exercise and how to modify both.
  • Structure an effective 30, 45, 55, or 60 min. classes.
  • Choose the perfect exercise selection based on your audience, whether at the Barre, on the mat, or on a reformer.
  • Pattern exercise sequences that create strength gains, plus improve functionality, cardiovascular fitness, flexibility, endurance, and posture.
  • Teach a cohesive class for any type of room set up – whether in a small studio packed with Pilates equipment or without it.
  • Cue for every type of learner
  • Teach in the optimum sequencing for a Barre and Pilates fusion workout
  • 8.0 PMA (NPCP)
  • 8.0 AFAA
  • 0.8 ACE
  • 0.8 NASM
  • 8.0 SCW
  • Print & Electronic Instructor Manual
  • Certificate of Completion
  • Instructor Web Account with initial workout choreography & educational videos
  • 2 digital Barre workout videos
  • Opportunity for ongoing education
  • Discounts on equipment and apparel

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Carol Ann
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